IPL match taking place

#1 It will result in huge loss for BCCI and poor players.

The future of the 13th edition of IPL is in air because of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in the country. Due to this widespread disease, the IPL has already suspended till April 15. If the tournament is cancelled, it will incur huge losses for BCCI. If it is cancelled, BCCI would loss a massive amount of Rs. 3870 crore in total. It includes loss of central & title sponsorship(600 Cr.). It also includes loss of broadcast & streaming revenue amount which is near about Rs.3270 Cr.

The IPL is played on the theory of play game, get money, which also means that no game-no money. If the tournament is cancelled, media right holders & kit manufacterers will not get any benefit, so they’ll not pay any money, its a no-brainer.

The cancellation of IPL would also hinder the hopes of poor younger players who were sold for 20,25,50 lacs. This amount could’ve been life changing for those players.

#2 Some players’ fate has to be decided by IPL 2020.

If the IPL will be cancelled, it will not be a major deal for players like Kohli, Rohit, Stokes, etc. who are established in their national teams respectively. But if the most prestigious tournament is cancelled then the future of below listed players would be in doubt:


Dhoni- captain of CSK

The most trending topic in the cricketing world- “Is Dhoni retired from international cricket?” or “Will he play anymore international cricket?” Well only MS knows its answer. Ever since India’s exit from WC19, he has not appeared. It was speculated that Dhoni’s performance in IPL would decide whether he’ll be in India’s T20 world cup squad or not. If IPL is cancelled, then it will put Dhoni’s future in jeopardy.

2. Kuldeep Yadav

Kuldeep Yadav playing for Indian national cricket team

The chinaman of Indian team aka Kuldeep Yadav is going through hard time. He has been out of form since 2019 IPL. In IPL 2019, he took only 4 wickets & had a horrible economy of 8.6. Kuldeep also hadn’t maintained his spot in the national team. Ravindra Jadeja and Yuzvendra Chahal are preferred choice for line-up right now.

He has to take back his starting spot in the national team by performing well in IPL. He will also be a victim if IPL is cancelled.

3. Risabh Pant

Risabh Pant playing for INDIA!!

The emergence of KL Rahul is most dangerous for this man – Risabh Pant. He was India’s first choice wicket-keeper after WC19. But his poor form & KL Rahul’s emergence both came at the same time. His form is completely savage. Pant is in-form, out-of-form again in-form & so on.

Risabh Pant was just a sub in recent series. He is trolled on twitter due to his bad performances for quite a long time. An example is below:


Nevertheless, Pant always plays great in IPL. In my opinion, this time he has to prove his wicket keeping skills & matured batting. But all of this will happen if IPL takes place. If there’ll be no IPL, it will be interesting to see whether Pant is able to make to the WC Squad of India.

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