Virat Kohli-Captain of RCB celebrating.

#1 It will not promote social distancing.

We all know the popularity of IPL in India, some even consider it as a festival which occurs annually. If the lockdown ends on April 14 & the IPL starts, it would result in full packed stadium as the people are already bored due to the lockdown & also due to the craze of IPL. Even if the lockdown ends, the govt. of India will still emphasize on social distancing, which will not happen if the IPL starts.

#2 Health is the first priority.

People’s health is the first priority of govt. of India & BCCI. BCCI doesn’t want any player/people attending stadium to have COVID-19. They don’t want their events deteriorate any person’s health i.e. they don’t want any fan/coach/players to infect with corronavirus. So it would be ideal that the IPL should be cancelled keeping in mind the health of people.

#3 Other nation’s will not send their players.

If the situation of the ongoing disease is controlled in India & somehow the IPL starts, it is unclear that whether the foreign players would participate in the league, as in other countries the situation is far worse than India’s. The other nations’ govt./cricket board will be reluctant in sending their players to India(as their health is their nations’ govt.’s first priority). The IPL would be meaningless then. Some foreign players such as AB De Villiers, Chris Gayle, DJ Bravo,etc. have a huge fan following in India. Their fans will lose interest in the league.

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