Sourav Ganguly: Staging IPL abroad is costly due to ‘conversion rates’.

Sourav Ganguly

IPL’s future is in the air due to COVID. The possible destinations for IPL are India, UAE, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. In IPL’s twelve year history; it has been hosted abroad once in 2009; in South Africa. It happened due to IPL’s dates were clashing with elections in India. Talking about hosting IPL abroad, BCCI head Sourav Ganguly said:

“I will put it in this order. Firstly, whether we can (have an IPL) within the time frame as IPL has a limited window. Secondly India. If it’s not possible then we are thinking of going out (abroad). But going out where…because if you go out it becomes expensive for everyone — franchises and board.”

“Because of conversion rate and currency exchange rate, it becomes expensive. So we are monitoring but as I said we are very keen to host it and got our fingers crossed.”


Will try 2020 passes without IPL: Ganguly.

Ganguly said that his and BCCI’s first priority is organizing IPL.

He quoted, “We don’t want the year 2020 to finish without an IPL. Our first priority is India and even if we get 35 to 40 days, we will host it. But we don’t know where…”

But any decision on the IPL can be taken only after the ICC decides on the fate of the T20 World Cup, scheduled to be played in Australia in October-November. The fate of WC could be decide this month.

Sourav added that he known about situation of COVID in Indian cities with IPL franchises. Mostly cities with IPL franchises are worst affected by; COVID.

“If it doesn’t happen in India because of COVID then places like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai, these have big teams in IPL but at this point, you can’t put hand to your heart and say cricket will happen in these places. Ahmedabad we were keen to go there. It’s an amazing stadium. I don’t know whether we can go there or not. It’s not easy at the moment to say we are going to host it in India.”

The BCCI ascendant figure, though, additionally hoped that the sport is back at the earliest.

“See I optate to have it as I verbally expressed that cricket needs to be back. For us this is authentically off season which has genuinely availed. We culminated our season in March just after which IPL was about to commence. And we had to abrogate IPL which is the most consequential part of our domestic season. We optate IPL to transpire. Because life needs to be back to normal. Cricket needs to be back to normal.”

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  1. This is very true ,the first priority for bcci is to organising IPL🏏 but the current situation is also very uncertain and it’s very tough to say about where and when Ipl will happen

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